B.1966, Bayonne, France
Lives and works in Chamonix, France

1995-96 Westminster school of Fine Art, London
1989-90 Internship in Graphic Design Agency, Brussels
1988-89 College of Fine Art and Design, Brussels

2000 Commissioned collection of drawings and paintings, Jan Swanepoel Architecture, London
1998 Commissioned collection of drawings, David Champion, London
1997 Tate Gallery of Modern Art, Bankside Fete proposal curated by Michela Parkin, London

2014 Group Exhibition, Fall&Winter Exhibition, Between Lines and Sky, MB Factory Gallery, Chamonix, France
2014 Solo Exhibition, Floating Structures, Maison de Village d’Argentiere, Chamonix, France
2006 Chelsea Art Fair curated by Nicholas Bowlby, London W8
2006 The Affordable Art Fair curated by Nicholas Bowlby, London SW1
2006 Group Exhibition, Beautiful Landscapes curated by Nicholas Bowlby, London W11
2004 Group Exhibition, 2D Olympia -Part One, Olympia Conference Centre curated by Alex Roberts, London W14
2002 Group Exhibition, Between One Place and the Next, 5A Gallery, London E8
2000 Group Exhibition, Cable&wireless, curated by Alistair Howick, London WC1
1999 Group Exhibition, Selected Artists, curated by Alistair Howick, LondonW2
1999 Group Exhibition, Will Art Warehouse, curated by Alistair Howick, London SW6
1999, Group Exhibition, Forest, the Bull&Last, curated by Wendy Swallow, London NW5
1998, Group Exhibition, Summer Party, London Art House, E1 Gallery, London E1
1998, Solo Exhibition, Parsons Skott curated by Guy Parsons, London W11
1997 Group Exhibition, Drawings Exhibition, Studio 3 Gallery, London EC2
1997 Group Exhibition, Midsummer Celebration, Gallery Differentiate, curated by shane Waltener, Tower Bridge
1997 Group Exhibition, Winter show, Focus Gallery, curated by Shane Waltener, New Malden, Surrey
1996-2008 Open Studios, Great Western Studios, London W9
1995 Solo Exhibition, Private House, London W9
1990 Solo Exhibition, Monumental Paintings, Jean Jacques Hervy Interior, Brussels, Belgium
1988 Open Sudios, Parcours d’Artistes, Brussels, Belgium

One Aldwych Hotel, Ted Baker, Jan Swanepoel, Private Collection in Europe and America

recent collaborations and press

Article dans Le Dauphiné

Solo exhibition 2014 Argentiere 

Group Exhibition at MB Factory, Chamonix

Faki Regal album cover                                                                                                                                                            My Books

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